So I go into my game earlier today and everything went completely grey O.O Literally, it just went like a dark grey and I could still see the side bar with the sims heads, but everything else was grey. I tried everything, closing without saving, restarting my laptop, and just about anything else. So I lost ALL of my facilities today, but thank god for the sim bin..or else I would have lost all my horses too. Which goes to tell you, SAVE YOUR LOTS TOO! I feel so idiotic for not saving any of my facilities. Lesson learned. I decided to move NGW to Sunlit Tides because I do not want to ever deal with that again. Shout out to Ivy Woods Stables (They do not have a site because it somehow got deleted and they didn't want to make another.) for giving me their main barn. It seriously made my day. Not having to make a whole new main barn is the happiest feeling ever. Yeah I had to make a few pastures, but hey, that's the easy part. 

Here are a few other updates..
So everyone's foals and horses that I have bought are completely safe and love their brand new home :)



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