NGW will be changing over the next few weeks. I WILL have each and every page updated by 12/25/12 and that is a promise. (This includes horse profiles, facilities, galleries, and pretty much anything else). What I'm really excited about is our brand new riding school :D EEEPP! YAY! It is fantastic (in my opinion lol). And we also- FINALLY- have a training barn! This will also be a new service, we will train other's horses too. I am shutting down our warmblood registry forever because I feel it is not fair to the other WB registries and I also do not want them to dislike me (and of course because it was stressful!) You will be seeing a lot more horses around here and we are also going to have mare & stallion of the month for each month on the sidebar.
The foal crop owners are announced on 12/12/12 <3

And in case if any were wondering about my friend, she is doing much better. It was a brain injury that was the tragic part, but some surgeries have gone well and she's healing. Thanks for the support everyone<3 you guys rock! 

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