I would like to finally open my November Foal Crop to everyone! I guarantee you all will like these foals much better than last month's. Note some of these foals I have fallen deeply in love with, so this month they will only go to an extra special home!
NorthGate Warmbloods is also co-hosting a Cross Country Competition with Willow Creek Stables! There are two classes involved and each will only take five entries! Check under the Events page for more information!
NGW is honored to be the new owners of the following! (In order)
None of these foals/ponies have profiles yet, will get profiles soon!
WC/NGW Blue Angel - A Akhal-Teke X British Warmblood mix filly
SSR/NGW Belle - A Swedish Warmblood filly 
SSR/NGW Majestic Wind - A Swedish Warmblood colt
SAEC/NGW Sweet Stone Angel - A New Forest Pony mare
SAEC/NGW Burning Softly - A New Forest Pony mare
Also, NGW is changing! We have decided to breed Swedish Warmbloods instead of Finnish Warmbloods. This means both our Stallion and Mare Finnish Warmbloods are for sale!

This is my first show entry! Sorry for spoiling it Kirsten!

Oh yeah and I pre-ordered the sims 3 seasons *excitement* :3


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