We had a minor accident over here, NGW Glowing Star has kicked NGW Fox Trot this morning. It started out as them playing, but Emma[NGW Glowing Star] started to get a bit annoyed. Molly[NGW Fox Trot] was limping right after she got kicked and we   immediately called the vet and they came rushing over. I will post what's wrong with her leg later when we get the details from the vet. Poor girl :/ 
Here are the new owners of the November Foal Crop!
NGW Ghost Light - Moonlight Melodies Haven
NGW Clever Escape - Free Rein Farm
NGW Summer Breeze - Quarringfield Stables
NGW Twilight's Echo - Dutch Pearl's Stable
NGW Heaven's Glory - Stride Away Equestrian Center
NGW Glorious Masterpiece - Spotted Acres
And my Sims 3 SEASONS has been installed!! Excitement! Getting some blizzards over here ;) I made a little postcard for my friends and affiliates (I sent them in emails) Here it is anyways!  
Also, NGW Glowing Star has completed her first 3 day eventing competition at Northern Lights Stables, she did outstanding! Here are the photos.

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