We are no longer breeding Australian Warmbloods, I have found they are not very popular to breed, so that means we are now breeding either Holsteiners or Trakehners. On the other hand, we are clearing out our inventory of our first made horses (which means that they're not that amazing...), so NGW is having a huge horse sale right now! Go see!
I would like to thank Melanie@Summerfield Horse Ranch for giving us the opportunity to have SHR Evelyn, a stunning little Swedish Warmblood filly! I would also like to thank Moonlight Melodies Haven for giving us the opportunity to have MMH Oregon Breeze, a gorgeous little Hanoverian colt! We also have a new Hanoverian Stallion (foundation) named NGW Heavenly Warrior. 
Please welcome:
SHR Evelyn
MMH Oregon Breeze 
NGW Heavenly Warrior
NGW FINALLY has some colors and a brand new logo! We also have some big changes ahead! NGW is going for a more professional and organized site.
Oh and here are the latest show photos:
Merry Christmas!! <3 Well the December foal crop is sold out! new owners have been announced as well, go to the December foal crop page for more information on the owners. I almost have fulfilled my promise on updating the site, there are still a few pages down for a  bit because my game has been acting up lately, so that's why some pages are down and of course because I have a fever :/. Well I've had a wonderful Christmas (But on the bad side I am very sick, just glad to be with the family) and I hope everyone else has as well :). A formal welcoming to the following: 
Merry Christmas, again!  <3
NGW will be changing over the next few weeks. I WILL have each and every page updated by 12/25/12 and that is a promise. (This includes horse profiles, facilities, galleries, and pretty much anything else). What I'm really excited about is our brand new riding school :D EEEPP! YAY! It is fantastic (in my opinion lol). And we also- FINALLY- have a training barn! This will also be a new service, we will train other's horses too. I am shutting down our warmblood registry forever because I feel it is not fair to the other WB registries and I also do not want them to dislike me (and of course because it was stressful!) You will be seeing a lot more horses around here and we are also going to have mare & stallion of the month for each month on the sidebar.
The foal crop owners are announced on 12/12/12 <3

And in case if any were wondering about my friend, she is doing much better. It was a brain injury that was the tragic part, but some surgeries have gone well and she's healing. Thanks for the support everyone<3 you guys rock! 
My December Foal Crop is open! Go view it! ;) Sales>Foal Crops>December Foal Crop or view it on the Equus-Sims forum. There is a total of 12 foals!