I feel like no one really wants to talk to me lately. Views have gone way down in the past week or two. I used to get 300+ views at the beginning of the month and now I'm lucky to get 50. It might be because I tend to get profiles up really late, but that does NOT mean I am ignoring your foal/horse. I have new facilities and even a foal barn with all of my foals I have purchased. I have gone almost a week with really no emails or comments. One little comment or email will literally make my day, I just feel like no one cares. This could possibly lead to shutting down, but I'm NOT saying it will, just maybe a little later if this kinda stuff continues. The December foal crop is all born and there are 12 foals, I hope I can at least sell one :/.

I'm also depressed because my best friend got in a car accident. She's in the hospital struggling to stay alive.

~ A very lonely Danielle@NGW




So I go into my game earlier today and everything went completely grey O.O Literally, it just went like a dark grey and I could still see the side bar with the sims heads, but everything else was grey. I tried everything, closing without saving, restarting my laptop, and just about anything else. So I lost ALL of my facilities today, but thank god for the sim bin..or else I would have lost all my horses too. Which goes to tell you, SAVE YOUR LOTS TOO! I feel so idiotic for not saving any of my facilities. Lesson learned. I decided to move NGW to Sunlit Tides because I do not want to ever deal with that again. Shout out to Ivy Woods Stables (They do not have a site because it somehow got deleted and they didn't want to make another.) for giving me their main barn. It seriously made my day. Not having to make a whole new main barn is the happiest feeling ever. Yeah I had to make a few pastures, but hey, that's the easy part. 

Here are a few other updates..
So everyone's foals and horses that I have bought are completely safe and love their brand new home :)

NGW Glowing Star has gotten 1st place in two shows! She got first in the Northern Lights Stables eventing competition and the Free Rein Farm Cross Country Jump Design Competition!! We are so proud of her and we are also very honored to be chosen first! Thank you to Free Rein Farm and Northern Lights Stables for choosing us! Check out their sites here:
NorthGate Warmbloods is the proud new owner of the following gorgeous foals! (They will get profiles very soon, bear with me!)
We had a minor accident over here, NGW Glowing Star has kicked NGW Fox Trot this morning. It started out as them playing, but Emma[NGW Glowing Star] started to get a bit annoyed. Molly[NGW Fox Trot] was limping right after she got kicked and we   immediately called the vet and they came rushing over. I will post what's wrong with her leg later when we get the details from the vet. Poor girl :/ 
Here are the new owners of the November Foal Crop!
NGW Ghost Light - Moonlight Melodies Haven
NGW Clever Escape - Free Rein Farm
NGW Summer Breeze - Quarringfield Stables
NGW Twilight's Echo - Dutch Pearl's Stable
NGW Heaven's Glory - Stride Away Equestrian Center
NGW Glorious Masterpiece - Spotted Acres
And my Sims 3 SEASONS has been installed!! Excitement! Getting some blizzards over here ;) I made a little postcard for my friends and affiliates (I sent them in emails) Here it is anyways!  
Also, NGW Glowing Star has completed her first 3 day eventing competition at Northern Lights Stables, she did outstanding! Here are the photos.
I would like to finally open my November Foal Crop to everyone! I guarantee you all will like these foals much better than last month's. Note some of these foals I have fallen deeply in love with, so this month they will only go to an extra special home!
NorthGate Warmbloods is also co-hosting a Cross Country Competition with Willow Creek Stables! There are two classes involved and each will only take five entries! Check under the Events page for more information!
NGW is honored to be the new owners of the following! (In order)
None of these foals/ponies have profiles yet, will get profiles soon!
WC/NGW Blue Angel - A Akhal-Teke X British Warmblood mix filly
SSR/NGW Belle - A Swedish Warmblood filly 
SSR/NGW Majestic Wind - A Swedish Warmblood colt
SAEC/NGW Sweet Stone Angel - A New Forest Pony mare
SAEC/NGW Burning Softly - A New Forest Pony mare
Also, NGW is changing! We have decided to breed Swedish Warmbloods instead of Finnish Warmbloods. This means both our Stallion and Mare Finnish Warmbloods are for sale!

This is my first show entry! Sorry for spoiling it Kirsten!

Oh yeah and I pre-ordered the sims 3 seasons *excitement* :3

This whole thing has gotten out of control. I was WAY to harsh on that stables. She took down her site and now I feel like a cyberbully. Everyone makes mistakes, but there is no need for the childish acts I have made today. I hope you see this Kirsten, because we all do make mistakes, I have talked to you before and you were really nice. I would never believe that you would do that to be mean. I let my anger get the best of me..