NorthGate Warmbloods would like to wish everyone a Happy Halloween! Over here at NGW we had a neighborhood Halloween party with pony rides for kids, hayrides, a buffet, a bonfire, apple bobbing, and so much more!    
We just got a new Hanoverian Warmblood mare in! She is named Emma and she is very sweet, but sometimes hard to work with. I should be able to get her profile up soon and her registered. She is our newest Broodmare.
It turns out NGW Royal Eclipse was a success! We have gotten so many applications for him, that we had to say no more apps for him! I was thinking about keeping him, but decided not to. If you applied for NGW Royal Eclipse, you should get a response today or tomorrow. Also, make sure you check out the events page, we have a few going on! And ALL of our Warmbloods are available for breeding right now!

Welcome everyone! Still in the process of putting all my affiliates up, so don't worry of you're not on there, just trying to do alphabetical order. Anyways, please check out the October foal crop! They need to be sold by 10/31/12 or will stay here. That's all for now!