I entered 3 foals in the MMH First Annual Iris Laurel Futurity Show. Which means 18 show photos had to be done. It doesn't help that I'm a procrastinator, sooo I had to do about 17 photos in 1-2 days *O*. I know, I know, I had about a month to do them. The important part is I DID finish them XD. I don't know how though.... expect to see results tomorrow! Woot for us guys <3
Ok I at least deserve a round of applause XD

Since we won first place in the White Hill Manor hack day show, we got a few more prizes than a ribbon! We now have WHM's School Days pose pack and we got a photo shoot! We decided it was best we send out our new Trakehner mare NGW Exotic Jewelry and Maggie Parker (student rider in the riding school). The photos are AMAZING! Thank you Mabel! Here they are:
As you all know, we have started a training program recently and Spirit Stables has sent us a white friesian stallion named Cracker Jack to be trained in eventing. Here are the photos of his first training sessions (Note: we will not start training him in cross country until he has jumping down)
KSS Chaos Theory takes on 1st place in the WHM Hack Day & Gymkhana show! We are so proud of him!
Tracy couldn't resist buying this lovely Trakehner Mare named NGW Exotic Jewelry (known as Pearl). She is our main Showjumping Mare and is first on the list to be registered (she already has her ID #540!) We expect well from her and to earn us some big bucks!

On the other hand, I'm a little board with Sunlit Tides, so it's time to say goodbye and hello new location (going to be a surprise!). Working on moving everyone right now.

...ON THE NEW EQUUS-SIMS SITE!!!! I can't tell you how happy and honored I am!!! <3333 I will post what photo later :D